August 28, 2019

It is one of those days for me today.

You know... The one where nothing goes right, and you have no idea what the hell is happening.

My day started with getting up late. Then it was, no, I do not have words to describe how it went from there.

Part of the day ended with te...

August 2, 2019

When Life Shows Up In A Tuxedo With Roses

Life shows up with a bouquet of top of the line roses on your doorstep, in a tuxedo.

Your first reaction is “sorry, sir, I think you got the wrong house.”

“No. I am in the right place. And these are for you.”

Now you are thinking,...

July 25, 2019

Mind, God, Belief, And Truth: An Experience?

I read/listen to a lot of different articles and books so that I get to see and experience different opinions and perceptions and viewpoints.

This talk I started a while ago. I keep rewinding and listening every few minutes m...

July 3, 2019

What kind of topic is that, don't you wonder?

Today is Wednesday. Trash day.

So, I pick up the collected trash and walk the 30 feet concrete paved driveway towards the bin. I remember a few seconds, then when I come to it my knees, and right hand is on fire.

I lie down th...

June 30, 2019

Have you ever felt a fear so severe that it paralyzed you from fear itself? 

It has a beauty in it. A beauty of discovering a strength hidden deep inside you. 

To be honest, I would never choose to feel that fear intentionally. So the first few times, it feels as if this...

June 6, 2019


It has always been my favorite romance movie to date. If I want a good cry and cannot and all that life is stuck inside my chest, I will put the film on.

It's a simple movie. I have tried to analyze why it has such an impact on me so many times and have given up.


May 31, 2019


I once fell in love with a dandelion.

She was the sight of perfection.

Standing alone,

In the middle of nowhere and anywhere,

Looking at the sun, Smiling,

Dancing in the breeze.

She stood alone,

She always stood alone.

I once fell in love with a dandelion.

I loved her...

May 31, 2019

It is time.

To pick her up.

To talk about her.

To make her reach few hands.