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Journey from Shadows to Hope

A Journey from Shadows to Hope

To those who walk in shadows,

In betrayal's cold grasp, where trust is hidden,

Hear my tale, a journey from night to day,

A path of healing where hope finds its way.

I, too, once lost in love's cruel deceit,

Felt trust crumble, bitter, under my feet.

Yet in that darkness, a lesson was found,

In brokenness, strength and grace abound.

Like stars that in the blackest night shine bright,

I found beauty where there was no light.

Tears turned to laughter, sorrow to joy,

In life's simple pleasures, no ploy.

Healing is a journey, slow and deep,

A climb up life's rugged, steep.

Through time, my wounds began to mend,

With each scar, I found a friend.

Truth, though harsh, became my guiding star,

In its clarity, healing from afar.

Accepting my past, with all its strife,

Gave me back my freedom, my life.

To you, I say, in life's ebb and flow,

Find gratitude in the high and low.

In every pain, a hidden blessing lies,

In every goodbye, a new hello flies.

Carry your scars with pride, not shame,

They are stories of survival, not blame.

Betrayal may have struck you down,

But let it not steal your crown.

Stand tall, for you are more than your pain,

In every loss, there's something to gain.

Walk your path with heart and soul,

Let love and trust be your goal.

Life, a tapestry of varied hues,

In every experience, you choose.

Embrace each moment, let your spirit soar,

There's so much more in love, trust, and life.

To you, from me, a heart once torn,

Now healing, renewed, reborn.

In your journey, may you find,

A strength and peace of mind.




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