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Echoes of Torn Heart And Soul

In a space and time where heart and soul collide,

A paradox where dreams reside,

I wandered through this strange divide,

A place I couldn't leave, yet couldn't live.

Torn apart, yet wholly alive,

In this limbo, my spirit strives,

Longing to stay,

Yet yearning to leave.

Caught in a dance of ebb and flow,

In the enigma of emotions growing,

A labyrinth of the heart's own making,

With every step, my soul's awakening.

In this place of contradiction,

I found sorrow, yet elation,

A contradiction of such affliction,

Yet a haven for my soul's reflection.

So here I stand in this odd sphere,

Where all is distant, yet so near,

In this realm of shadow and light,

I exist, torn, yet bright.




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