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Breaking the Mold: You are enough


By Sajatha Jaffer


The book is a collection of stories from my life. It inspires the reader to work towards being their authentic true self, to find acceptance and strength to work through anything life throws at you. 



The book,

Is about acknowledging, accepting, and facing adversities of life and loving life as it comes. 

Is about fear and being scared out of your mind and yet showing up. 

Is about finding strength and bravery and courage to stand up and live a life of your choice even when you are lost in an abyss of self-doubt.


Through the book, I am trying to convey that we all have inner strength and we can discover it to lead a more full filling life. 


The book is intended to give hope and serve as a companion in your journey to healing, find hope and your own happiness.


This book is about self-acknowledgment, self-acceptance and living your truth. Unapologetically! 


With the book, I hope to Empower others to take charge of their lives and find their authentic voice and travel their path to self-discovery.


Raw and Honest - Kirkus Review

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