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The Unyielding Bond of Tethered Hearts

The Unyielding Bond of Tethered Hearts

In the hollows of my womb, blooms a sorrow,

A garden of longing,

My heart, a tether, stretched too thin,

Between the now and what has been...

My little girl, a star torn from my sky,

Her voice, a river of tears, whispered why.

"I don't want to live like this," she cries,

Her pain, a storm that never dies.

I am adrift, lost at sea,

My child's sorrow, the chains that bind me.

"I will fix it," a promise made,

A vow to end this heartache, this pain.

Helplessness, a cloak I wear with shame,

A mother's love, now a flickering flame.

Yet, in this dark, a resolve quietly grows,

A strength that only a mother knows.

For my baby, for my little girl's sake,

I'll brave the storm, every risk I'll take.

Though the path is uncertain, my love is true,

I'll bring you home.

So, hold on, my love, to hope, to me,

Together, we'll write a new story.

A tale of reunion, of hearts,

A love, unbroken, transcendent.



Sometimes poetry is how our souls shed the tears…

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