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The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain


This letter is for you: The man I once made plans for 7.5 years in the future,


I loved you. In the warmth of our togetherness, the chasm of our parting ways, and the silent years that stretched between us. Love, it seems, was the melody of my heart's seasons.

Then came September.

Under the shroud of an unforgiving moon, I saw regret etched upon your face that night. It spoke a language of disgust I wished I'd never understood. Once a haven, your eyes are now a labyrinth of unspoken words. I wasn't adept at denying you, but the cost... oh, the price was etched on your face the following day.

It broke me - heart and soul - leaving me in a void, craving the solace of a single tear.

Thank you... for the moments that sparkled amidst the mundane. They will be cherished, but now, they echo a past I must leave behind.

Your gaze that morning held regret, a mirror to my discomfort. If my words or questions stirred unease, know that my apology is as sincere as the love I bore for you. A love so profound that it transcended the very essence of being.

I resonated with that line from 'Dil Hai Mushkil,' remember? It echoed my sentiments, a mirror to my soul's silent musings.

We were like stars aligned yet distant, a paradox wrapped in the enigma of love. But love, I've learned, isn't the sole cornerstone for togetherness. We were hasty, rushing into a future we hadn't even dreamt of.

I release you now with no expectations and no requests. My love for my children, though distant, remains untainted. If I can love them from afar, I can do the same for you.

Please, don't fret over me. As our paths crossed again that night, I knew the outcome—no regrets, only a heart full of wishes and prayers entrusted to the universe.

I've always held the belief that love shouldn't be begged for. My heart seeks a companion who yearns for my presence as I do theirs. Since that fateful February, life has been a relentless storm, but here I stand, a survivor, acknowledging and accepting.

This letter is not just a farewell; it's a catharsis, a release of all that was and all that could have been. It's a declaration of my emancipation from the chains of our shared history. In these words, I find my liberation, my path to a peace that is wholly mine.

I seek not to erase our memories but to honor them, acknowledging their beauty and thorns. This is my journey towards a horizon filled with hope, where forgiveness is a balm to the soul and love is understood in its myriad forms.

So, as I close this chapter, know that it's with a heart that's learned to find joy in the simple act of breathing, in the quiet strength of moving forward. I wish you well as I step into the future.

I will no longer seek your presence or your words. This is my liberation, my final goodbye.

By letting you go, I hope and pray to find peace and freedom.

With a heart both heavy and hopeful,



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