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Yearning for Serene Strength

Yearning for Serene Strength

In my heart, aches echo; they weep,

Yet my tears have turned to dust, their moisture they don't keep.

I question the stars, the moon, the sun, the sky so vast and blue,

I question myself, I ask you, O God, my queries are for you.

Why this pain, this ceaseless rain, can't it be swept away?

Why not sculpt me like the rest in the common clay?

Where did I falter, where did I stray, where did I lose my song?

Time's relentless march plays on; for days to weeks, they throng.

A spark so tiny, yet it ignited this endless night,

Have I not offered enough in your holy light?

Have I not surrendered my will, my all, to your divine decree?

Have I not tread the path you etched in faith, trust, and glee?

Today, I am but a vessel of questions, a storm-tossed sea,

Calm this tempest in my heart; let your peace flow over me.

I stand still, breath held in fear, lost in the chilling rain,

Unfazed by the thunder's roar, the lightning's searing pain.

You've made me the storm, the tempest wild, the gale that won't subside,

But now, I yearn to be the eye, in tranquility to abide.

In silence, I sit, save for these words, a prayer, a plea, a song,

I wait for strength to surge within, for the voice that says, "Be strong."

I yearn for wisdom, for comfort's touch, for the yet unseen path,

All I ask, O Almighty, is for strength to calm the storm within.

To find the grace to smile again, to embrace the dawn's new light,

I find the will to fight in this conversation and prayer to you.

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