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To You: My Daughter

To you: My Daughter

In a world so vast, where dreams take flight,

There shines a star, my dear, so bright.

My little girl, you're a treasure, it's true,

With a heart so rare, so unique, and new.

In your eyes, I see a universe untamed,

A spirit wild, a soul unclaimed.

You hold the power to change the world's view,

With dreams that dance and color anew.

Believe, my love, in the strength you possess,

Embrace the journey, and never settle for less.

For you were born to soar, to touch the sky,

To paint your dreams with wings that defy.

Unleash your laughter, your joy, and your voice,

In your heart, let passion forever rejoice.

Let love guide you like a compass so true,

As you carve a path only meant for you.

Never fear the unknown, my little dove,

For greatness awaits with endless love.

Embrace your uniqueness, let it shine through,

For there's magic within, that's all for you.

Dream big, my darling, in the grandest of ways,

Let your imagination run wild where it plays.

For in creativity's realm, you'll find your place,

And leave an indelible mark with every trace.

So, my precious girl, don't ever hold back,

Embrace life's wonders on this beautiful track.

Know that my love for you will always remain,

A beacon of strength in sunshine or rain.

You're cherished, my dear, in every single way,

And I'll walk beside you, come what may.

May your spirit stay wild, may your dreams be vast,

With motherly love, forever unsurpassed.



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