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Thoughts On Rumi Poetry

"If the light is in your heart,

you will find your way home."

Rumi is a man who knew how to use words that would make time obsolete.

The quotes, whoever they came from, lose their Whole meaning if we take them out of context. Yet, they still carry meaningful messages to those who read them. Isn't that wonderful?

Rumi's words can renovate and improve your life. He talks about all the essential components of life; love, respect, hope, emotions, creativity, stimulation, encouragement, and awakening of your inner and outer being.

Did you all know that Rumi traveled throughout the Middle East looking for someone?

Based on his works, he believed purity of the heart is necessary not just for the attainment of the enlightenment of the soul but for spiritual totality and redemption, with a focus on the improvement of our society.

He wrote, " The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart."

The values we aspire to live by depending upon the people's spiritual education, which relies on the purity of heart and soul.

Our hearts will remain hollow if we do not let the light of knowledge in. This is where the quote I started with comes in.

"If the light is in your heart,

You will find your way home."

The philosophy and poetry of Rumi are beyond what we have observed, as it is not merely storytelling. His words convey immeasurable and countless wisdom. As we learn more about the context of his words, we can relate to his deep thinking and moral and religious empathy.

Rumi's poetry appeal to those who want to see this wonderful gift of life from a bigger perspective and understand the relationship love and warmth, and empathy has on life.

Rumi's thoughts and poetry can become a guide if you want to understand the relationship between love and spirituality.

I will end this with another quote of his.

"Words are a pretext.

It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words."


Sajatha Jaffer

Writer, artist, poet, humanist, trying to be a better person today than I was yesterday while sharing extraordinarily ordinary things of life. Boldly!


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