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The Strength of Shared Struggles of Empathy and Truth.

The Strength of Shared Struggles of Empathy and Truth.

I've chosen to put pen to paper. To send words to someone I encountered only fleetingly. My knowledge of her first came through the voices of others. From their words, I constructed an image of her, a portrait crafted from second-hand stories.

When we finally stood face-to-face, her presence aligned with my painted image. After another meeting, a deeper look and I began to perceive her true self, and later, her essence echoed through her own words.

Her allure was undeniable. Yet, I couldn't help but feel a sense of empathy for both of us. It was as if we were twin sides of a coin, pieces in a grand chess game. The stark contrast lay in my growing consciousness of the game, the dawning realization of the puppeteer's hands, while she seemed convinced she held the game's reins.

Dear one,

You and I share striking similarities, yet we are worlds apart in other ways. I understand the sting of betrayal, the hollow emptiness of exploitation, the suffocating weight of entrapment. We aren't unique in our suffering. We're two among countless women grappling with manipulation and control. You might be blinded by your current rage, seeking a target for your wrath. Unfortunately, I stand in the crosshairs of your ire. But rest assured, I bear no resentment, for I understand our shared struggle.

The reality is life doesn't grow easier. Lies and deceit only amplify its difficulties, rearing their heads when least expected. I considered asking for forgiveness, but then it dawned on me - I've done no wrong. No lies have left my lips. No harm have I inflicted. I can stand before the Divine, head held high, knowing I've never orchestrated malicious games. On the contrary, I've been on the receiving end, suffering in silence.

The accusations you've leveled against me are numerous. Yet, my silence is not an admission of guilt but a manifestation of my empathy. I've walked in your shoes. Extracting myself from such a situation required courage I didn't know I possessed. The process was painful, terrifying, yet vital for my integrity. I've made my peace. The road to such realization is long and winding, but you'll arrive soon.

Recently, a series of events rattled my self-perception. I was told I lack kindness, among other things. For a fleeting moment, I doubted myself. That's the power of words when wielded by someone you trust - you internalize them, shouldering blame and guilt. But thankfully, a friend intervened and pulled me from the abyss of self-doubt. He reminded me of my worth, of my journey. I reassured myself that I held more value than he could ever comprehend.

My heart aches with pity, an emotion I'm not fond of. I see your anger, your desperation to offload your burden onto someone else. But life doesn't operate that way. I carry my burdens, paying the price daily until my suffering is enough.

I hope for all of us, women like you and me, to navigate this maze better. I hope we find the courage to sculpt our destinies. May we cease shedding tears for those who hide behind falsehoods. We're worth so much more, don't you think? Life throws curveballs, situations that bring us to our knees. But when I realized I had kneeled for the wrong man, I chose to rise. I comprehend your need to find a scapegoat in me, but I'd rather not be held accountable for your choices. I understand the allure of denial, the comfort of ignorance. If you choose that path, then embrace it wholeheartedly.

I stumbled unknowingly into a mistake. Upon realization, I attempted to rectify it. As a mortal, I've endured the onslaught with patience. But, my dear, I can't help but wonder - why do we self-sabotage? What happened to our dignity, our self-respect? Why must we tear each other down when we're fully capable of rational thought? Why do we become our own worst adversaries?

Let's band together, dear ones. Let's remember that integrity still thrives in this world. If you choose to disregard the truth, I harbor no ill will. I comprehend. Just don't impose the cost of your choices on others. Don't burden me with the price of your decisions. Embrace your options and live with them. Truth is my pillar of strength, my refuge when I crumble and weep. It makes me stronger. It enables me to breathe again. I hope you find the same solace in your truth.

With love,


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