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The Rise of Generation Roar

The Rise of Generation Roar

Dear You,

Have you ever been called names?

Of course...

We all have, right?

Here's the deal - names like "whiny," "bitchy," or "not smart enough." Ring a bell?

The funny thing is, these aren't just thrown at women. They're used as a way to qualify weakness.

Starting with the obvious: every single one of us came from a woman. Whether you made your grand entrance via the natural or high-tech route, you started your journey there. A big shoutout to our moms for that!

Now that I have gotten my sarcastic retort out of the way,

Did you know that a Generation R movement has been going on for a few decades?

This one is a sisterhood of everyone who has been tired of waiting for change to come and decided to be the change they have been waiting for.

We are not bitchy, we are angry.

We are so angry that we just decided to do what we want to see.

We are so angry that we decided to embrace everyone.

We are so angry that we have no gender, age, or nationality.

We are so angry that we decide to roar.

Yes, you heard me.

We are a generation that roars proudly and unapologetically.

So, next time you hear a roar, join in. Let's make today, and every day, one where we all stand tall and proud.

Keep roaring!



Ps: If you google Generation Roar and find something, I am not responsible for it, as I made it up in my head.


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