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Rediscovering Footing: A Journey Through Shadows and Light

Rediscovering Footing: A Journey Through Shadows and Light

Every so often, the earth beneath you crumbles.

Suddenly, you're plummeting.

The sensation starts with unease and bewilderment. Panic follows shortly. It's a realm of shadows, chill, and uncertainties.

Indeed, that's the most daunting aspect: the unknown.

I was still determining its duration and the state I'd be left in.

As moments became days, my heart felt heavy. Terror receded, leaving me in solitary with my reflections and emotions.

Time stomped on. Hope faded into obscurity. Sorrow took center stage, and queries emerged.

However, a day came when acceptance carved its niche in my heart. The harshness of some became decipherable, which in turn highlighted the benevolence of others.

Years back, someone I considered close told me to let my hair grow. But a couple of years back, mirrors became my adversary. Every glance, every sight of my hair, brought the anguish to the forefront. Changing it seemed impossible.

Until this very day!

The face in the mirror feels unfamiliar, but today, I don't shy away from it.

Recovering my essence is a journey yet to be traversed entirely.

Today marked the inaugural stride.

Tomorrow, I intend to advance even further, always moving ahead.

Should life trip you or the earth betray your trust, cling to the belief that this phase, too, will pass. And in time, you'll rediscover your footing, one way or another. I promise you that!




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