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Life: Overwhelming at times. What to do then?

Life: Beautiful, hard, unpredictable, lovable, and Overwhelming at times.

I am sharing my past 3 months along with the lessons I have learned. I hope it helps someone out there struggling with life's curveballs.

It is a two-part video as I got interrupted. Please forgive me as I make these without scripts, edits, or any messing around at all. I love to write as well as speak from my heart. I am an ordinary human trying to share her story so that we all, the ones who suffer in silence, know that none of us are alone.

"To be human is to Err; to forgive; divine."

Life is wonderful.

It is so because of its ups and downs.

"Without darkness, how will we know the value of light?"

Part 1

Part 2



Ps: Reach out to me if you have any thoughts. I love to explore ideas and learn from them.


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