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Journey Of Love For The Imperfect You

Journey Of Love For The Imperfect You

"I saw that you are perfect, and I loved you.

I saw that you are imperfect, and I still loved you."

But then I was thrown into an abyss of pain and confusion by you.

Your dishonesty forced me to flail and panic and frantically pray.

To god and the universe to give me strength and courage.

The journey I was already on got an extra push, and I felt many emotions and feelings.

I felt moments where I didn't feel I would ever be ok.

But then.......

I am beginning to be ok after seeing the man I love doesn't exist.

I feel thankful for the experience.

I can't change the past, so I refuse to entertain my thoughts about it.

But yes, I wanted to be not betrayed.

But it happened.

You broke my heart.

I don't regret the good memories, the laughs, and the love.

I am not going to renounce the good during the time it happened.

I refuse to let the choice you made and the callousness you showed,

Destroy the goodness in me.

My love is real, authentic, and genuine.

And I accept the good, and I wish you the best.

Like the quote says, my love for you will always be with you.

And I hope you find love for yourself inside your own heart.



Sajatha Jaffer — Author/Artist/blogger/mom/engineer/lover of Sufi poetry/still looking for the old newspaper I came wrapped in/humanist


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