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It's Never Too Late to Join The Dance

It's Never Too Late to Join The Dance

In the hope of tomorrow, so pure and free,

He will be the awaited note in my life's melody.

A pause awaits, like a year yet to sing,

But with its commencement, new bonds it will bring.

Life is a collage of moments to understand,

With him, each shard will beautifully land.

In the whispers of dreams, the spaces yet unfilled,

We'll find the unspoken, where love will be willed.

Together, we envision a canvas yet blank,

Brushstrokes of futures, joy, and heartfelt thanks.

The details are hazy, the journey profound,

But in each other, a home we're destined to have found.

For I've come to believe, in life's hopeful play,

Those moments ahead will brighten the day.

Unsure of the future, the how or the when,

But eager for love, again and again.

In the dance of destiny, with dives and high fives,

With him, I anticipate endless chapters of our lives.

In this waltz of time, where paths intertwine,

With hope leading us, our love will always shine.

I say to you,

My dearest,

It's never too late to join the dance.




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