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In a Box of Glass

In a Box of Glass, a spoken word poem

In this box of glass, I sit, a silent spectator to life's vivid play,

A world vibrant and pulsing, just beyond my reach, in disarray.

As laughter and tears, like rivers, meander and flow,

I'm caught in a stillness, the world a blur, a relentless show.

Yet in this box, this crystal cage, a truth whispers, soft and low,

Life's moments, are fleeting and precious, a kaleidoscopic glow.

Through the pane, I see love dance, pain weep, hope to take flight,

A symphony of existence, a spectrum of day and night.

There's beauty in the sorrow, a lesson in every tear,

Strength in the struggle, courage in every fear.

This glass box, my prison, yet also my shield,

Protects yet exposes the battlefield, the hidden yield.

Look closer, see the dew on grass, the sun's warm embrace,

The gentle brush of a breeze, the moon's tender grace.

In the quiet, in the still, there's a heartbeat, a rhythmic beat,

A reminder, life is here, in every breath, every fleeting heartbeat.

For though trapped in glass, my soul roams free and wide,

In every sunrise and sunset, in the ebb of the tide.

I am the rain that falls, the wind that sighs,

The dreamer who hopes, the spirit that flies.

In this box, I learn, to forgive, to love, to let go,

To find warmth in the cold, to make my inner light glow.

For life is not just out there, but also within,

A journey of self-discovery, a symphony to begin.

So let this glass box be not a cage, but a stage,

Where I embrace every emotion, every tear, every rage.

For in this seeming confinement, I find a profound truth,

A connection to all, an unbreakable, eternal youth.

In each moment, a story, in each story, a lesson to be found,

A heart-rending journey, where hope and love abound.

This glass box, a metaphor, for the barriers we create,

But within, a world awaits, vibrant, alive, a fate.

So I'll press my hand to the glass, feel its cool surface, and smile,

For I'm part of this world, every mile, every trial.

And in this realization, my spirit soars, unbounded, unconfined,

In this box of glass, I find freedom, a peace of mind.



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