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I Let You Go

I let you go.

I settled for crumbs,


Because I believe in love,

Because I put my trust in you,

Because I forgot what my worth was,

Because you were a reflection of who I was then.

I am grateful.


Today I am grateful to you,

For the pain,

For the growth,

For self-acceptance,

For this new me.

Growth is never linear,

It happens in leaps.

It’s uncomfortable.

Downright painful.

It’s putting all those forgotten and fallen pieces of ourselves together.

It’s confusing, chaotic, complex, and wonderful.

It’s the gift of life.

I accept that you were a reflection of who I was when I met you.

I accept that it was a fateful lesson.

And finally

I accept your gift with gratitude.


I love you and me unconditionally.

I embrace the darkness you left me with.

As it’s my darkness,

The one I held and did not see.

Thank you for opening my eyes,

Thank you for showing me that I chose those who didn’t choose me.

The crumbs.

I thank you for the crumbs.

As I sit and pour my heart and soul out,

I do not give a fuck what others will think.

I see clearly

I see the answers I will never get.

I see things I will never understand.

I see you.

I see me.

I see my worth and,

I know what I do understand.

I let you go.


I choose to be me, unapologetically.




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