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From Shadows to Dawn: Resilient by Choice. (Poetry About Resilience)

This is a deeply personal and sensitive topic for me. Today, as I wait to hear from someone,

I pen these words down.

In the heart of a storm, where trust was torn,

A union, once cherished, by betrayal scorned.

A husband's oath once held dear,

Melted away, in deceit and fear.

Where love once blossomed, now stood a thorn,

A garden of affection left barren and worn.

Cast aside like an autumn leaf,

In the clasp of anguish, the cradle of grief.

Stripped of my treasures, the fruits of my years,

Robbed of my laughter, drowned in my tears.

The hands that held, the hands that stole,

The hands that ripped apart my soul.

In this storm, my children, like ships lost at sea,

Torn from my harbor, far from me.

Their laughter echoes a haunting song,

In a home that feels too vast, too wrong.

Yet beneath the storm's wrath, I stand,

Though battered and broken, I command,

For in my heart, a flame does burn,

A beacon of resilience at each torturous turn.

The sun still rises, despite the night,

And in its warmth, I find my light.

From a speck of hope, I weave my dawn,

In the face of loss, my spirit is reborn.

Why he chose this path remains unseen,

Hidden in shadows of what might have been.

But on this journey, through pain, through tests,

I seek not answers but simply my quest.

To rise, to heal, to reclaim my peace,

For the storm to ebb, for the torment to cease.

A future awaits, the past, a closed door,

In faith, in strength, I will endure.


To all out there who have been through a bitter divorce,

whose honor has been questioned,

whose love and kindness have been misused,

whose patience has been tested,

I say...

I understand.

I say what I say to myself.

Hold on a little longer.

You are not who others say you are,

But who you define by your values and actions in life.

#poetry about resilience


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