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For You, My Son; The Gift From God


My kiddo, my son, is mad at me.

Sometimes I have to make tough choices as a mom, even though giving in will be easier.

We all have been there, right?

I often tell him I do not want to be blamed by his future girlfriends.

I do not want to raise my children to repeat the circle we all seem to repeat repeatedly. I accept that I can only influence a little bit. But it's part of our duty as parents.

Back to my son being mad at me.

I asked today when he would be able to give me a smile.

He said, "I don't know."

So, I wrote him a poem. This should add two weeks to that timeframe of getting a smile from him. But it is the best way I can express m myself. I have sent it to him already. But thought this belonged to one of our ordinary stories of life and was worth sharing.

This picture is from his two weeks doctor's appointment.

For You, My Son; The Gift From God

My dear child, a flame within my heart,

Discipline, though tough, is a vital part.

Our love, unyielding, as vast as the skies,

Through stormy days and sunny highs.

You're growing fast, exploring this world,

But rules and guidance must stay unfurled.

Forgive my stern gaze, my steadfast hold,

In every lesson, your worth I uphold.

Let's laugh, my love, and find joy anew,

Our bond, unbreakable, forever true.

So, let's paint the walls with laughter's hue,

And forge memories that sparkle, just us two.




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