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Faith Restored by Kindness

I have fought my war in silence for 40 years. Asking for help, when so many others need it more than I do didn't seem fair.

A few days ago I reached out to my neighborhood. I have no words to tell you how it feels to see the support.

I dedicate this to the kind souls in my neighborhood.


Faith Restored by Kindness

In a world so vast, under a digital sky,

I reached out with hope held high...

From behind screens, they came to the aid,

Their compassion and love never fade.

Like rain in a drought, unexpected yet authentic,

The neighborhood's kindness shines through...

Not just pixels and words on a screen,

But a symphony of hearts, rarely seen.

I felt their embrace... from afar and near,

Their willingness to help dispelled my fear.

In this vast digital expanse, a touch from loved ones I felt,

Their kindness and warmth made my heart melt...

In the coldness of life, where sometimes hope contrasts,

They showed me humanity... and it's endless and vast.

Echoes of kindness, repeated and explicit,

"I hope you find solace; I hope you find cheer."

The world is not all shadows, as I've come to see...

There are pockets of light... where love roams free.

My heart, once heavy, now feels light and grand,

For in the darkest hours, they offered a hand...

From the quiet contemplation of a screen's soft glow,

To the vast expanse where emotions freely flow...

I've seen the best of humanity in gestures so refined,

Gratitude overflows... from this heart of mine...

Embrace life's moments, both bitter and sweet,

During the chaos, love's rhythm, we'll meet.




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