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Between Heartbeats, A Message of Hope

This is for you, the two men I met in 2020.

The atheists turned agnostics turned atheists.

I believe you both know me well, though I barely know you two.

You know who you are.


I mean this from my heart!


Between Heartbeats, A Message of Hope

In the silence of the night, a letter I pen,

To you, a solitary soul lost in the glen.

Like an autumn leaf, you wander, alone and grand,

Caught in the winds of life, on shifting sand.

Your heart echoes with a cold, silent void,

Once a symphony, now a melody was destroyed.

Yet, into the darkness, a secret I relay,

Whispered under the watch of the milky way.

Pain, dear friend, is a tempest, a cleansing fray,

It stirs the soul yet sweeps the dust away.

Regret is a leech, consuming joy in its stay,

An eternal winter, painting life in shades of grey.

Yet, through the storm emerges a pathway,

Pain, the sculptor, shapes our clay.

Regret is but a fog clouding the day,

The haunting echo of words we didn't convey.

For you, lost man, a prayer turned to say,

Embrace your pain. Let it light your way.

Rise, a phoenix, to greet the dawn's ray,

In life's grand theater, find your unique play.

Each scar tells a story, each wound a display,

Of lessons learned, of the prices we pay.

Yet, in our journey, there's no disarray,

For the light within guides us when we sway.

In your solitude, find an unexpected doorway,

To self-love, to compassion, to a brighter day.

Pain is a dance, a relentless ballet,

Yet, in love and acceptance, it finds its array.

With every heartbeat, with every breath, we say,

Pain shapes us, guides us, molds us in its way,

Regret, the phantom of our past, may stay,

But with courage in our hearts, we can keep it at bay.


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