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Awakening from the Half-Life: A Journey Back to Vivid Wholeness

Awakening from the Half-Life: A Journey Back to Vivid Wholeness

In the quiet sanctuary of a heart laid bare,

Amidst the tender twilight of truths spoken,

I have traversed beyond the barricade of my own making.

Oh, how the candor cut through the silence of self-deception!

Your words, laced with the sting of honesty,

Became the salve to the open wound I had ignored.

There is a peculiar kind of grace in the unveiling of decline,

A five-year spiral where dreams had become distant murmurs.

I stand, humbled and raw,

In the face of my own erosion,

Like a statue weathered by events of life.

Your voice echoed in the ravines of my heart,

Resonating with the clink of truth.

You are the mirror I had avoided,

The reflection I had feared to confront.

But here, in the open, you held it up with hands unwavering,

Not in judgment, but in a kinship that only true companionship can harbor.

In your revelation, there is an awakening.

Your clarity becomes the lightning that revives,

The throb of life returning to numb limbs.

Your conviction uncloaks the reality I had shrouded in excuses,

Suddenly, the world is stark, defined, and demanding of presence.

Trust, that rarefied thread between souls,

Becomes the lifeline by which I am jolted from slumber.

I have wandered in the labyrinth of litigation,

Losing the essence of who I was before the gavel's shadow loomed over me.

I am more, so much more than a sentinel standing guard over shared time with progeny.

Once, I danced in the joy of creation—my words, my art, a testament to the vibrancy within.

Yet, with each step towards the courthouse, colors dimmed, the canvas of life growing stark and white.

Tonight, a whisper of that former self rustles within,

A leaf not yet fallen,

A reminder that renewal is but a season away.

As a mother, my love is an undying flame,

But I must remember the hearth from which it burns.

It is time to gather the scattered ashes of my other loves and breathe them into life once more.

And so, my dear friend, with a heart thrumming with nascent resolve,

I stand at the threshold of change.

Seeking a shore where I can be whole once more,

Where I can unfurl the fullness of my being,

-for my children, for the world, for me.

The night wraps me now, stars bearing witness to this pivot of fate.

As the world sleeps, my spirit whispers its newfound creed:

-to reclaim, to rejoice, to rekindle.

The journey will be etched with the ebb and flow of tides, but the direction is clear.

The morning will find me ready to embrace the day:

-with hands unbound and hearts open.

Good night, dear world, for tomorrow we begin anew.




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