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A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

A mother as fierce as the sun,

Boundless and brave, a love never undone.

She stands like a rock, unyielding, so relentless,

For her brood, she'd wage any dispute.

Her strength is a river that carves out a path,

Her spirit a beacon, her courage a hearth.

She carries within her a fire that will blaze,

Burning for her children through the murk and the haze.

Nothing to lose but the hearts that she's grown,

In the garden of her love, the seeds of hope are sown.

Every cry in the night, every sweet giggle of delight,

An echo of the bond formed at their birth.

Cross this mama bear, dare to provoke her ire,

Awaken a beast, ignite the wildfire.

Foolish the soul that seeks to engage,

Her wrath is a storm, unbound, off the cage.

Her roar echoes, a warning, a toll,

Trespass her cubs, face a personal hell.

For the fury of a mother, when her young are at stake,

It is a force of nature that no one can fake.

Fierce as a lioness, in her eyes burns a storm,

Able to transform from gentle to form,

A shield against perils, a sword against sorrow,

For their tomorrow, she'd trade her morrow.

Her love, a vow whispered in the silent night,

Her heart, a fortress, ever prepared for the fight.

With all she possesses,

There's nothing she wouldn't bear for her brood.

To cross her path, a perilous fall,

Test this mama bear; face the end of it all.

With every fiber, every sinew and bone,

She'll guard her cubs, her love etched in stone.

Bearing the burdens, shouldering every worry,

In the echo of heartbeats, in the moments of hurry.

She's a beacon in the darkness, a tether in the chaos,

An undying love, a phoenix, she shows.

Oh, the instinct of a mother, a force raw and pure,

An unending river, enduring, so sure.

Through thick and through thin, through peace and through strife,

She'd give all, and more, such is a mother's life.


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