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A Mere Speck Of Dust

A Mere Speck Of Dust

These are old words. Words that hold no@meaning anymore. I like looking at them to remind myself, I am no one. A mere speck of dust.

I am a no one,

I belong to no one, no world,

I am on borrowed time,

And I see, truly see the value of a moment when that moment presents itself,

Only to leave,

I have learned never to chase it,

Believe me, I did quite a sum. 

If it's in the plan,

It will go nowhere, 

Be patient,

That's all life asks. 

If it's not,

However hard it must be,

Learn to live with it,

As that's the only way forward. 

I say my dearest,

Fear me not,

It pains me to hear that,

More than you ever will know. 

You asked me,

What do I know about you,

Absolutely nothing.

But I don't believe the persona I see, 

I don't believe it is you.

You do come out every now and then,

And I watch you tame it back down. 

Reminding me of my journey. 

When time is right,

A leap will happen,

Maybe not,

As I am often wrong.

One thing I know for sure,

We have forgotten who we are,

We have forgotten how to be us. 

So my dear, fear me not,

We are continents apart,

Fighting our own daemons.

I have the soul of a wanderer,

And it calls me,

Strongly, every single day.

One day I will be gone,

As far away from all of the noise. 

To love and cherish the sea and mountains

Love is all I have to go forward,

It's not a front,

It's not a lie,

It's multifaceted and divine. 

So fear me not. 

I am a nobody,

That you met on a market,

We might have bumped a shoulder,

Had a moment of look, 

But then, we go opposite ways. 

I am a nobody. 

So fear me not. 




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