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A Farewell to Truth and Love

A Farewell to Truth and Love

In the darkness of what we shared,

I've discovered truths that lie beneath,

Not in my trembling doubts,

Nor in the expanse we allowed to seethe.

What we had faltered not in my authenticity,

In my vulnerability, in my genuine core,

But in your chrysalis,

In your pursuit of growth, of something more.

We danced together, unmasked and free,

In laughter, warmth, in moments quite surreal,

Yet, as the symphony of our discourse faded,

A storm of confusion began to unseal.

Unvoiced words, cloaked in hazy whispers,

Eclipsed the trust we had once embraced,

Yet, how I yearn for a haven,

Where your truth could have graced.

With remnants of an undying affection,

I cast a wish into the quiet night,

Hoping that now, in this solitude,

You muster the courage to reignite your inner light.

May you find a sacred space,

Safe, consecrated, away from worldly spin,

To bravely seek that flickering flame,

And in its glow, let your healing begin.


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