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When Life Shows Up In A Tuxedo With Roses

When Life Shows Up In A Tuxedo With Roses

Life shows up with a bouquet of top of the line roses on your doorstep, in a tuxedo.

Your first reaction is “sorry, sir, I think you got the wrong house.”

“No. I am in the right place. And these are for you.”

Now you are thinking, “wtf, am I sleeping? Oh, God, I am dead.”

You turn around and look at life, standing in your living room, handsome as ever. (I picture life as brad Pitts character from Meet Joe Black, even though he is death in the movie. The only second blond man I ever like. I can’t tell other one is blind or some different color that I don’t know)

Back to your kitchen. You take a vase; there is no vase in your house as no one had ever brought you flowers. So you find a jar, and now the beautiful flowers look like they are homeless. So you cut their stems, spent time arranging it inside your mason jar. In between, you peek at the handsome man in your living room. Then one moment comes where you forget your kitchen; you forget life in a tuxedo, you forget that you didn’t have a vase. You are so engrossed in cutting and arranging the flowers into that jar.

When you finally lift your head, life says: “that’s a beautiful arrangement. Better than the bouquet I brought you. You still can’t believe it. But it’s there in front of you. In a mason jar, something so beautiful to begin with, meshed into your ordinary life and created something exquisite.

Life says bid well.

You have doubts now and then. Then you look, and there it is — the marvelous mason jar with roses.

Sometimes it is hard to believe in people enough to let them come close. If you have been hurt too many times, you keep almost everyone at arm's length. It takes effort. Sincere effort to trust. To begin to trust. To silence all those thoughts that are reminding you of patterns from the past.

Remember always. Every seed sprouts and comes out of the ground just the same. But no two are alike. Some may not even make to be big enough to start its journey.

Every journey starts at a common point. How you travel it, navigate it, where you go, what you do, you influence all.

Life happens to come in a tuxedo looking like Brad Pitt with a beautiful bouquet. Make it marvelous in your mason jar.



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