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Can You Love And Commit Beyond Yourself?

Can you?

If you can, who do you love?

A while ago he asked the woman he met online, before meeting her in person,

"I am asking you, would you take that chance? To commit and surrender... Without knowing much about me, but with belief and listening to the voice within."

She thought he was joking.

At first at least. But he was not. He was dead serious... She refused at first. She pointed out their differences. She pointed out that he lives in an ideal world, Disney land of the sort and she lives in the dungeons. She told him if they do this, the path will not be easy. She will not be easy.

She had a tough past. Enough of pain. She asked him only one thing. "If you are not sure that this is for the lifetime, please do not ask for my hand. I have survived many, but this might just be the straw that breaks the camel's back."

He was sure. They built home out of a house. Then one day, he said "This is not the life I want. This is not how I envisioned. This is blocking my personal growth." It went on for a while.

Can you love and commit?

Taking life and experimenting with it only to walk away when the person did not fit into your box without even trying is cruelty. Who will you love other than yourself?

I am not as knowledgeable as many. I am not spiritually motivated. I do believe in God, life, love, compassion, humanity, kindness, selflessness. I believe in commitment and love.

The world is becoming a crazy place. There is more spiritual gurus and programs than ever before and yet, we do not see compassion and humanity. Why is that? Is the answer lie in the question of who do you love? Who can you love? Love after the initial fluttery feeling is an everyday choice.

My dears, if you love someone love them truly. Surrender to them and their love. Find a way, there is always a way. That's the beauty of love.

The man from above walked away leaving her to pick up whatever pieces had left. One sentence for him, a lifetime of pain for her.

Can you love and commit beyond yourself?

This used to mean something.



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