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The Price For Love

The price for Love

"I won’t turn back”

It echoed deep in trenches She didn’t ask him to turn back She wanted him to be free She wanted him to have what he desired the most

He said he loved her She knew he loves her He called her precious She knew it was a word that meant nothing

As he part his way He whispered It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t have our love Pain is what we are given for the love for each other Savor it my darling Use it to burn your soul to light the world a bit Learn to live with the pain my love

She watched him walk away She whispered I know how to live with the pain my love It’s unfortunate that we didn’t fight for our love Pain is what we are given for the love for each other But my darling Mine burns my soul from inside out In these deep trenches It doesn’t light the world It doesn’t keep me warm It is nothing but a price I paid for loving you I do not mind

I do not mind As to feel love as I feel itself is worthy of it all

She sat down In her pale blue dress Long curly hair Barefoot For eternity in the coldness of the trenches With Nothing but the memories he gave her The price for love


It’s very very very early hours of morning. Sleep is not my friend today. She, the girl in pale blue dress from ocean side, is in my mind. While writing that poem I couldn't help keep looking at this painting. It has everything. It speaks very silently, very subtly.

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