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Love and Courage are Soulmates.

Originally I wrote the below post and posted it on October 28, 2018.

I have been reading and trying to learn about connection and intimacy. As part of the, I thought to repost this.

Love is not for the faint of hearts. It's for the ones who are strong enough to be vulnerable.

Love and courage are soulmates.

Without one, the other can not exist.

To love someone, to really love someone, you need courage.

Courage to break down the barriers of ego and pride of self.

Courage to look past the concept of 'me' and the person standing in front of you.

Courage to look deep into them and see their flaws and values and choose to focus on values.

Courage is a heart word.

Courage comes from the heart.

Love comes from the heart.

Once you dare to open up your heart, love will flow.

You will fight, you will argue, you may even hate the person for a moment.

But if you are courageous, if your love is courageous kind of love,

The flow will find its way back.

It is a choice.

To have the courage or not to have the courage is a choice too.

We find what we are looking for. If you are looking for a reason to leave, I bet on my life to you that you will find hundreds.

But if you are trying to find a reason to stay,

Sit down,

Close your eyes,

Take a deep breath,

Remember the first time you said yes to your partner,

Remember the courage to take a leap of faith,

Remember why you opened your heart for this man or woman,

Ask yourself, is all lost? Or have I temporarily lost my courage to love him through hard times?

Your answer will be your truth.

Find your courage to love.

Love and courage are soulmates.

Without one, the other can not exist.



Ps: I wrote this to myself as I am sitting down to find my courage.

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