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When My Heart Breaks And Then Grows a Wing......

She went up on the wall today... As I hang her and fix her, I wondered.... "Why do I do this? Take hours to pour and bleed my heart out to a canvas?"

And a smile came, and I said out loud....

"Because not everything needs to reveal a 'why' at the moment you ask."

I believe that everything has a purpose.

Everyone has a purpose.

We may not know that right away, but it does exist.

And you can find it if you look for it.

She is my heart.

The one that grew a wing from where it is broken.


I do it, because it helps me heal.

I do it, because I get lost in it so much.... that it's my meditation.

I do it, because it is my rebellion.

I do it, because it is making love.

I do it, because I love it.

Painting, picking up a paintbrush, has taught me to step away from wanting to be perfect and embrace who I am.

My prayer for you is that you find yours.

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