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Love Yourself, You Are A Soul That Is Powerful And Beautiful.

My interpretation........ :)

OK.... I have been seeing this way too many times. And I been trying my best to tame my need - unnecessary lol - to express my thought.

Who really cares what everyone thinks.....It will be the first response most of us have when we see a social issue and our compassionate selves- we all have it- want to do something about it.

Truth is, words do make a difference. Words that had been used in powerful ways to bring a change to this world, to stand up, to fight injustice, means a lot. It is a form of action, bringing realities and truth to the light and owning them is a form of protest. Saying "Enough is enough. We need a better day." is powerful and takes courage.

I have thoughts where I would wonder "Who cares about this? These will be words spoken in vain. No one will listen. I will get hurt. It is all that will come out." That's is glass half empty thoughts my mind does.

Then immediately my mind does the half full, and the glass is not empty spin, which I tend to like more. The first sentence is true. Nicer you are, you get hurt more. Mostly because such folks are very empathetic. They feel the pain and suffering of other living things. Human beings to animals to plants. They feel the pain around them. They also feel the joy of making someone smile.

The World needs all kinds of people. Not everyone can be everything. Universe has an order - sorry not trying to be philosophic, more like a fortune cookie really.

Can you imagine the world without empathetic people?

People who care enough about others and other things?

If you are nice by birth, you are not going to be anything but nice. You are not going to be an asshole even if you try. Most people - except the sociopath, psychopath, or every other path that is out there- we call assholes are not born that way. Life experiences change people. Some change to be more open, some go into shells and self implemented prisons building walls so that they don't get hurt again.

Both choices are perfectly fine. In the end, everyone is trying just to live.

So, if you are a person who is empathetic, and had been hurt many times and still feel empathy, don't change. The World needs those people. People who can get hurt and still be brave enough to try again.

People who are willing to love and care for everything and everyone around them so that someone can have a better chance at life are much needed in this world whether world knows it or not. But, we live in a world of "all about me" culture, so you will need to fill your own reservoir of compassion before you start giving it out. It's about being carefully selfish.

You do need to take care of yourself, as if you are dead, no one benefits. But if you can figure out a way to recover from hurt, and still be nice and kind, you become saviors of the humanity.

So, if you have a choice, to take care of your own self without being an asshole, don't you think it's much gratifying?

Also, keep in mind, some people you come across will use your kindness, they will drain you, they will bring the worst out of you, be an asshole to them. Show them that the place where your compassion comes from, that place has a monster they cannot outrun, so that they don't dare to do what they did to you to the next person. :).

So if anyone who ever met me thinks I was not very nice......:). I am not very nice when my patience and empathy has been drained to the last drop. I was not very nice today for few minutes; sadly I didn't have the luxury to be nice. Sometimes, you do what you got to do to protect your young. One thing I am proud of, I no longer hide the truth, I am one step close to honest and authentic life.

This is what I want to share today. Don't be an asshole intentionally. But sometimes, people will assign labels to you. And it is ok. Their words doesn't define you. You define yourself. And having a bad day, week, month, is ok. Bounce back when you are ready. First. tap into compassion inside yourself for you. Then, I promise you, it will flow to the world.

Love yourself, you are enough. You hold a soul that is powerful and beautiful. Believe that The Universe has your back.



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