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Movie "Two weeks Notice", gratitude, faith and The magnificent Universe

The movie "Two weeks notice" is one of my all-time favorite movies. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite artists, she can sport a quirky and free-spirited look with a funny twist better than anyone I have ever seen.

Today, I want to open my day with a reminder to self and may be you, that the books and movies we read and watch - even when they depict fiction - are a fractional depiction of what is, what was, and what could be.

The movie opens with her screaming at a demolition crew to stop them from trying to tear down a building...... What makes me giggle (yes, intentional use of the word) is that I can see myself in her. I would do, I have done similar insane acts, alone...... And I asked countless times to myself what she asks as getting off of the PD.

"Why am I not getting through people"

You know what I learned...... Standing up alone is great.... It is your way of telling the universe that, "Yes, I am ready. I am going to stand up and tell my story. Even when I am afraid". Then, the universe is gonna test your loyalty towards what you claim you believe in. It will knock you down, drag you through mud, bloody you, disgrace you, and much more. My conclusion is that it wants to test your tenacity and perseverance. After all, who wants to waste their energy supporting someone fake anyway... Logic, right?

Then, it will send you the backup...... It will send you what you need to be heard. All you need to do is,

Figure out what you stand for

Do not give up on what you stand for

Dream with tenacity and perseverance

Prevail in the face of adversity

And don't miss the signs. Well, Universe will get right in your face if you are stubborn and spirited enough.

I got my back up. I did not even know that I was being given help. It is a long and very grateful story, which I promise to tell...

My gratitude to Tammy Kling and Tiarra Tompkins and Tilde Guajardo and The universe.

ps: watching such characters makes me crack up so badly.... No wonder my kids call me "silly mommy". There is too much seriousness in the world, may be silly people to tell stories is what we need.

My love to all of you.

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