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When Left Brain Tries To Run The Show!

The left side of the brain is essential for logical and rational thinking. I am not an expert. Whatever I say about the brain is from the database of common man's knowledge, combined with my life experience as well as what I observe. (yes, it's an effing disclaimer)

Have I ever mentioned that I am a keen observer of people, animals and everything that possibly is going around when I am not doing anything else or when I am not lost in my head?

Okay, so left side of the brain. Its said to be responsible for problem-solving and rational thinking. So troubleshooting is coming from that side. Agreed.

We all know that life happens. It happens despite the plans and backup plans we make. The events that occur, sometimes it's good and sometimes its bad, and sometimes it's right in between.

A lot of things in the material world can be reverse engineered. I am pretty sure that a lot of inventions happened that way too. An accidental find and then going back to breaking it down and then analyzing how it came into existence.

By trade I am an engineer, so that means I been trained for years to break down things and analyze them and troubleshoot them. An engineering job is an equal part of inventing something as well as troubleshooting it when it breaks.

The problem, not sure if I can call it that, is that I find myself trying to break down life events. Trying to break it down into smaller chunks and following each thread to the beginning and then figuring out why and what. Usually why it happened.... The second part is to figure out a way to fix it.

This is where I find myself lost.

Because, in life, any event that happens, planned or unplanned, can leave you with a lesson. There is no way you can unlearn it, and life is changed forever. There is no going back to the previous thread of life, its altered forever now.

For a lot of years, I struggled with not being able to accept this simple fact, because of my brain.

My brain couldn't understand or accept that in life there is no do-over. There are retries, which is fueled by the lessons that we learned. So, at any given moment, going back to the previous state of existence is impossible as we gather more intelligence about the present.

So now that we are in a pickle what can we do?

We can use left brain to solve it. Its okay to know more, isn't it?

More information is good. Just let go of the notion that we have to go back to past and be where we were. Instead, accept that we can't do so, and we need to find a new path.

Define a new normal, new present and rewrite the expected plans for future.

Its a lot of work, but don't get lost in the overwhelming feeling of lost hope. Our minds lie to us all the time. Do not give in. A little challenge is always good, like a hint of spice to an existing dish.

Gather everything you have so far as in information and do what you need to do to figure out a possible solution.

Then, Then just flow through.

Simple!!!! :)



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