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The why, how and what of writing

So, I write.

I write about life.

Usually, my writings are triggered by something that had happened or I pick a topic out of the tiny notes I keep taking as I live my daily life.

A few years ago, during a fight with a loved one, he said this.

Now, imagine that there are arguments flying and there is tension in the air.

The other person with all his frustration yells at me,

"God, I can't change you. Who am I kidding? Two people tried 22 years and it didn't work."

He had been trying to change me for 11 by then btw.

Hearing that I started laughing. I was not angry. I had just realized what he had said myself.

There are only two types of things in life for me. Ideas and values I care about deeply, Ideas and values I don't care about deeply.

The first category, I do not compromise much. And they are only 2% of all of the life. The second category I find joy in being able to bring happiness to others.

But I often find myself in conflict when people try to change the 2%.

I want to bring change to this world, even if its miniscule.

I realize that I will face consequences for this choice. I already have paid a great deal in life's currency. And I do not regret my choice to write.

Words are powerful and I count on it to bring a difference. I know why I write, I am sorting out the how and what.

I love life with all of its good and bad. Its true, some days I feel I cannot make it through the hour ahead of me. So far I have made it through. When I see the sunlight, yellow flowers, sweet little hugs and books.....I forget everything else.

And then I am back on taking pictures of ladybugs and clouds. Being grateful for a chance to have this life.



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