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Pain Is Part Of The Path You Chose, Keep On Moving!

Pain is part of the path you chose.....

There is a heaviness in her chest...

"Why" you may ask?


She is disappointed

She is low on her hope

She feels too much of this world's cruelty

And her heart is heavy

Words are powerful

She knows that better than anyone else

She knows that it's sharper than a sword

She knows that it's warmer than a hug

Being a lone warrior hurts sometimes

Even though, she did choose that path

It does hurt way too much at times

And she falls, once again

Get back up, you brave soul....

Pain is part of the path you chose

Don't let it stop you now

Get up and smile

Hold your heart in your soul and give it a hug

Pick up your armor and that sword

Walk back to that field and draw your weapon

As you are long way from resting your soul

This is the path you chose

Pain is just fuel to keep you in check

Don't forget the goal you have

Don't forget the warrior you are

Get back up, you brave soul.....

Keep moving as your success awaits you down the line

Pain... is part of the path you chose.



Dedicated to all the brave souls who fight battles that they never wanted to fight and yet do it ever so gracefully.

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