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Embracing Emotions and Feelings and Power of Acceptance

Let me ask you. Have you ever been asked this question?

"How do you feel?"

No no no.... I am not asking about how you are feeling today. I am asking how do you 'feel' things. How do you feel love, hate, happy, sad and all other emotions in the life?

I am someone who loves like there is no tomorrow. Hate as hard as diamond. When sadness strikes, its like an avalanche hits. When happiness is here, and it often does, I look like I am ecstatic, that I have had a drug that is driving me insane.

That is what I am asking. How do you feel?

Often I am mistaken for bipolar or some other disorder out there. I swing from this end to that end and back in lights speed. :D. Until this week, I felt so bad about it. I felt guilty that I have no control over my emotions. No matter how much I try, i couldn't control them.

Then one day I realized that I am doing it wrong. I was trying to control what I am feeling, not how I act on them. Especially the negative ones. I denied myself the feelings of emotions, and hence I was failing miserably.

It's okay to feel.

It's okay to be euphoric when you are happy.

It's okay to be sad. Let yourself feel life.

After-all life is live inside our head. So, control what you do as a result of your emotions if you find that necessary.

Else, laugh,love,cry,live.



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