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A Love Letter To The Man Who Is Yet To Come

I wanted to write this two days ago, as a continuation of a story I wrote on November 17th. But, I had forgotten about it. I am glad I didn't write it then, and I am writing it now.

This post is a follow-up to this.

My love,

I don't know who you are, not yet. But I do know that you exist, you might be the one I saw last week or might be the one I see this week. Or you might be someone from my past. Or you might be someone I have never yet met. It matters none to me that I do not know who you are, as I am not waiting for you to start living. I am waiting for you to join my journey and share the joy and sorrow of this life.

My love, I am not a woman who is easy to love. I am passionate and intense, wild at heart and free in spirit. I have darkness in me that is so dense that you will feel fear, but I also have a light that will glow your soul from within. I refused to be tamed and bound, as I refused to tame and bind you.

My love, I hope you love storms as I am one... I have winds of high speed and rains of strength. I want you to be strong, strong enough to be honest and authentic. I want you to be a kind human who would fight for me and not let me down. As you see, I have not known a man like that yet.

Yes, My Love, I am a woman who is asking for what she wants, unapologetically, for sure.

My love, You see... I have seen plenty of life, I have loved and lost. For a long few years, I thought that giving what I would like to receive is what I need to do to love and be loved. But I am no longer sure. I have been hoping to meet a man who will see me for who I am and love me for it. I have been looking for a man who would tell me that I am beautiful, inside and outside. No, I am not talking about the skin deep beauty. I am talking about seeing and loving the darkness and light inside another human being and finding beauty in it. I am talking about seeing me as a whole, as the flawed, broken and yet real human being as I am and seeing beauty in it.

My love, I do not need you to hold my hand; I want you to hold my hand. I do not need your shoulder; I want your shoulder next to mine. I am a woman who can stand on my own, but I would like you to stand on the same floor with me. I do not want you to rescue me or me to rescue you; I want us to walk the path to sunset together.

My love, I am dreamy eyed, hard-headed and stubborn. I am sensual, loving and charismatic. My intensity will burn you, my passion will make you insane, and there will be days when you will long for me to love you less. I want you to be grounded through the storms I will unleash. You will see that I own the joy of giving love. The joy of giving value, desire, respect, love and beauty. I want you to be strong at heart and give me what I am worthy of. I am a woman who knows what she wants and lived through enough to know what is her worth.

My love, We see what we want to see in others. I want you to see me as I stand in front of you, and fall in love with me for my quirks and wits. I want you to be vulnerable and scared, and understand that its the only way to love anyone truly. I am a woman who will never ask, as I hold too much pride inside my heart. I want you to see my wounded pride and tell me that you are here for all of me.

My love, I am a woman who sees too much, feel too much, say too much and love too much. I want you not to be afraid to be who you are around me. I want you to see my heart and the scars it bear and show me the ones you have collected so far. I want you to look me in the eye and offer me what I deserve; love, respect, desire and passion, poured straight out from your heart.

My love, I offer you a love unlike you have ever seen, a life where you will be seen and heard as you are. I will give you my soul and my heart and a promise that I will cherish you forever. In return, I want you to see me for who I am, and offer me honesty and loyalty.

My Love I know our path will cross when time is right. When the day comes, I hope you will be wearing your dancing shoes as we will be dancing all night long!


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