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Power of Truth And Embracing The Fear To Welcome Love To Your Heart

The truth is powerful.

It is scary, I admit without a doubt. I have been scared of it for a long time. I was so scared of it that I didn’t even dare to speak of it to myself. I ignored it, closed my eyes and told myself that it doesn’t exist.

But the truth is empowering. And it exists as a way of us to grow. Not accepting it or seeking it or validating its presence will only weigh us down.

The moment you dare to admit it, let your heart see it and accept it, the truth becomes a force.

A force against the fear that is limiting you from achieving greatness. It only scares you till you dare to open your heart and welcome it in. Once that is done, it becomes love.

So my lovebugs, try, try to embrace love by facing fear of the truth.



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