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What Is The Best Way To Love And Be Loved?

Have you ever wondered what the best way to love and be loved is?


Yes, fall in love with someone unexpectedly.

Be loved by someone suddenly.

Without much expectations, much commotions, much drama, except the drama you both would star on.

This one is different. There will be an instant connection.

Before you know it, you are sitting on a couch talking for six hours.

This love is the kind where you suddenly look up at this person and go,

"Oh, F*. I am either lucky or screwed."

The beauty of this one is that you will not know which one it is for a while.

You will have to hold onto whatever you can find to prevent you from running.

If you run, you will never know what it would have been. But the urge to run, especially if you have had a few heartbreaks, will be stronger than anything you have ever felt.

I suggest you hold onto whatever bits and pieces of hope you can find and ride it out. The heartbreak, if it is to come, it will happen whether you run now or later.

So stay. Maybe this will be the crazy you have been looking for.



Dr. Maya Angelou says words that make you sit and contemplate about life and love. I find this quote of hers undeniably comforting.


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