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When You Look Up, See Life And Beauty And Feel Gratitude For Being Alive

What is on my mind!

Oh, Where do I begin!

Right now, I have beauty and awe in my mind.

I look up, and I see the clouds.

Perfectly imperfect,

With silver linings blessed by the sunlight,

White with a touch of shade,

Staying and evolving constantly,

I see beauty, and I see vastness.

I see the magnificence of The Universe.

I see creations, and I see possibilities.

I see life.

I see life shining up there,

And I look around, and I smile.

I smile as I feel alive.

I feel love and loss,

I feel bravery and fear,

I feel hopeful and anxious

I feel emotions and feelings, as many as the colors of a spectrum.

And I feel alive and grateful.

And That Is On My Mind.

Gratitude And Hope.

Look up my love bugs.

And see how beautiful this life is.

Find one thing to be grateful about and say thank you.



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