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It Is Never Too Late. Just Begin!

It is never too late - Just Begin.

If I count the number of times I was told that I am too old to chase my dreams,

If I count the number of people who have told that I am too selfish to stand up,

If I count the number of doubts that have held me back this long,

But I am not going to.


I choose to chase my dream.

I choose to be selfish as best I can be.

I choose to be more than my doubts.

You are never too old.

You are never too weak.

You are never too selfish.

You are just you.

Be strong, because that's what you need to be.

Be wise, because that's life’s storm has taught you.

Be kind, because that's what you needed the most from the world.

Be happy, because that's why you have seen the sadness.

Choose your dream.

Chase it, Unapologetically.

It is never too late.



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