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What Scares You The Most? Can You Talk About It?


It's time to get us back on track again. Get me back on track again. I apologize for my magic disappearing act. I was here; I just needed to deal with good old beautiful life for a second.

We had a good time - not sure if it's the right word - last time we met. Everyone who came, thank you for coming and sharing your heart with everyone else.

I am going to start bringing up topics. We might have to talk for more than one meeting, and we will go with life's flow.

Topic: What scares you the most? Can you talk about it?

Knowing who we are is an essential first step that we all have to take if we want to empower ourselves and embrace living authentically. Now, there is a pre-step to this step. Finding the courage to talk about it. It took me years of tug of war inside to be able to find courage. But, I believe in a safe setting, you can see that faster at your pace. So, if you are coming, give those two questions some thought. You do not have to talk about it if you don't want to. The answer to the first question can be anything, even as simple as a thunderstorm.

I am really asking you to find something about yourself that scares you, that you won't show anyone, you won't even admit to yourself, that you bury deep inside.

Again, baby steps.

I brought thunderstorms for the same reason. Being able to admit as adults that we are scared of something and talking to a group of strangers itself is a giant leap.

The above words are a mere suggestion. You are coming to a safe place, and you can talk about anything you want to. My intention of asking specific questions is to give you a way to find your path.

Ps: Giant disclaimer. I am not a teacher, and I am nowhere near qualified to give anyone advice. But I am a good listener, and I am good at giving you questions to find answers for yourself. I do not pretend that I am something I am not. I think everyone is better at something than me, just like I might be better at something than someone else. And it doesn't matter. Think of me as a friend who loves to have your company.





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