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Unraveling the Web of Rumors: An Appeal for Understanding and Empathy

As I pen down this piece, my fingers tremble with the palpable tension of unveiling the bitter truth of my life. The journey is not just about me but all those who have been unjustly crucified under the unforgiving whip of rumors, especially those emanating from the people who once promised to be family.

The murmurs began quietly, like the gentle rustling of leaves in a storm. My ex-husband and his relatives started a campaign against me, painting me as a negligent mother, abandoning her children, and a woman escaping her responsibilities. Their platform of choice is our extended family and friends in the US and India. But I assure you, they were far from the truth.

But why, you might ask, would anyone inflict such pain, especially on those they once vowed to protect and care for? It is essential to recognize that the motivation behind such actions is often rooted in their insecurities, fear of loss, or desire for control. It could be that my ex-husband and his family found it hard to accept the failure of our marriage and resorted to rumors to regain their sense of control, to sway the narrative in their favor, or to mask their own perceived shortcomings.

Rumors, false stories, and the like are not just fanciful tales that evaporate with time. They embed themselves into the psyche of those affected, creating lasting impressions and distress. The social reputation of my parents and relatives in India has been tarnished, all due to a conflict that was neither their fault nor within their control. The psychological impact is considerable, ranging from shame and embarrassment to anxiety and depression.

To those affected by these rumors, it's essential to remember that you are not alone, nor do the words of others define you. Please, seek support, communicate with those you trust, and consider professional help if needed. Practicing self-care and resilience, bolstering your emotional intelligence, and engaging in positive affirmations can help immensely.

Furthermore, when these rumors affect your social circles, having open and honest conversations can be beneficial, debunking the falsehoods and setting the narrative straight. Your truth is your strength, and no rumor can overshadow that.

Lastly, I would like to make a humble request to those propagating these false narratives. Please consider the emotional turmoil and social stigma your words can inflict, not only on adults but also on innocent children. Children imbibe more than we realize, and the scars of such rumors can shape their understanding of relationships, trust, and love in undesirable ways. It's never too late to choose kindness and empathy over spreading discord.

This post is a cathartic outpouring and a plea for understanding, empathy, and change. It's high time we reflected on the real-world implications of our words and actions. After all, it is not just the person at the center of the rumor which gets affected; it is the lives of many others that get tangled in this web of untruths. Let's choose love, respect, and truth - for ourselves and each other.

As this personal narrative unfolds, reflecting on the broader implications is crucial. It's not just about a failed marriage, a strained relationship, or a family feud. It is about human decency, empathy, and the fundamental respect we owe each other. Rumors and false accusations strip away those involved's dignity and mental peace. They do not just distort the truth but also impair the trust and harmony within our communities.

The ripple effects of these rumors reach far beyond their intended targets. Our loved ones, friends, and even innocent bystanders become unwilling casualties in this unseen war of words. Older adults, like my parents and other relatives living in India, who should be enjoying their golden years in peace, are instead dealing with the strain of social shame and the constant pressure to justify themselves. They question the relationships they've built, causing unnecessary stress and heartache.

For those of you bearing the brunt of such rumors, remember you have every right to defend your dignity and safeguard your mental well-being. You may feel powerless amidst the storm, but remember your power lies in your response. Remain steadfast, draw from your inner strength, and never lose faith in your truth.

If you are at the receiving end of such rumors, you must realize that their purpose is not to narrate the truth but to manipulate perception. Believe in yourself and your actions, and remember that stories cannot diminish your worth unless you let them.

For those in such a situation, I encourage you to contact mental health professionals if needed. Therapy can be a sanctuary, a place where your voice is heard, your feelings validated, and your experiences acknowledged without judgment.

Addressing my ex-husband and his family, I implore you to pause and consider the impact of your actions. While it might offer a fleeting sense of control or superiority, the damage it causes is profound and far-reaching. It is also detrimental to your mental peace and growth. The bitterness it fosters doesn't just harm others but erodes your stability, your ability to move on and heal.

I loved my inlaws. They loved me. May their souls rest in peace. I promised my mother-in-law that I would always be there for her son. And I have kept my word to date. And I will keep my comment.

YOu can ask me why I am writing this because it affects my children, my parents, my sibling, and people who have nothing to do with it. I love my sister-in-law.m Even now. Even after all she has done. I wish she would pick up the phone and call me. In the Indian culture, marriages are between families. Divorce doesn't need to take that away.

I fought with my mother, who is not well; I yelled at her (May god forgive me) because she told me what everyone in the community thought.

I have a request. I am an ordinary woman, 1000s of miles away. I have not come to see my parents or my sick grandmother for eight years because every penny I made went to custody and lawyers to get my children back. I live a modest life. I will not stop fighting for my babies. No child should grow up thinking about their parents, especially if their mom gave up on them. Do you not agree? I set aside my feelings, my wants, and the wants and desires of my parents so that I can do right by my babies. I am not being arrogant or saying this is the right way to do things. This is the right thing for my children and me. I am making sacrifices.

To anyone in India who wants answers to questions like "Why does she not come to India to visit her parents?" this is my answer.

"Because my children need me. They are constantly told that their mom is going to leave them. So I ensure I am never farther than 3 miles away from them."

I plead with all of you not to jump to conclusions about the silent parents. They are silent because they care more about their babies than their reputation. We are trying to keep our children safe within our limited parameters. If you can't support us, please don't tear us down.

I have spent every penny I made from 2019 till now on legal fees to get my children back. All I am asking from anyone who reads this is a bit of compassion and kindness. I am one of the lucky ones. I can't imagine another mom going through the same back in Kerala. I have reached out to the vanitha commission and other organizations. They all told me they could do nothing for my children and me.

I hurt my mother with my words today. NO apology is going to fix it. What I hold onto is knowing that she is my mom. And she loves me. And she will forgive me.

Remember, our children are watching and learning. They absorb the silent lessons we inadvertently teach them. The choice is ours, whether to raise them in an environment of love, respect, and honesty or one tarnished by hatred, deceit, and false accusations.

In closing, I want to remind everyone that while the spoken word is a powerful tool, it lies in our hands. We can wield it for love, truth, and understanding or misuse it to spread hurt, confusion, and discord. Let's endeavor to choose wisely, not just for our sake but for our children, our families, our communities, and ultimately, our humanity.

This is my call to action. If you have a similar story, please put it in the comment. I am creating a petition. It's time we take steps towards this. If you do not want to do this publicly, send it to my message, and I will make it anonymous. I will keep the appeal transparent. This is my promise. Let's prevent another generation of mothers whose children are ripped away from them.


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