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Thoughts Triggered By A Cup Of Tea In The Morning

I grew up in a state called Kerala in India. One of the staples I grew up with is tea.

My mom makes the best tea; with the right amount of milk, water, sugar, and loose tea leaves.

I have fond memories of my mom making me tea while studying for my exams. Looking back, I can see that it is one of the little things that connect me to my mother. It's our thing.

I stopped drinking tea for a while.

For a brief period in 2020, I had shared the ritual of morning tea with someone. Loss is part of life. So is grief. With time we learn to live with loss.

Today, as I sip my tea, I found myself smiling.

The progress has been so subtle that I did not even notice it. I have been impatient that I did not see that I was getting better.

Sometimes progress is visible because the growth happened in a leap. Sometimes it is invisible, and we have to look for it.

A cup of tea in the morning by myself is a measure of progress in my grief journey.

I want to leave you with this thought, this request.

Take a hard look at your life and self and create a plan.

Suppose you are on a life journey; creating some primary goals is worthwhile. To get there, you need to figure out what all things that were important to you have stopped doing.

Make a list.

Keep a journal.

Forgive yourself for missing check-ins.

Do not give up.

I promise you will see that you have made little progress one day. Your cup of tea of progress!

The little everyday things matter.

With luv

Sajatha Jaffer


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