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The Resilient Warrior's Plea.

The Resilient Warrior's Plea. The below poem is dedicated to all the women who spent their life surviving while helping others to thrive. To those who embrace the labels, accusations, and abuse and still refuse to give up smiling and living one day at a time.

In the heart of the conflict, sharp as a knife,

Words twisted and tangled, causing strife.

Yet beyond the tension, the anger, the plight,

There's a soul who's resolved to turn wrongs into right.

Once entrapped by the world's cruel jest,

She now stands firm, doing her best.

In the pit of turmoil, she finds her voice,

Shouting above the noise, making her choice.

"Who am I?" she asks with a defiant tone,

Unemployed, yet not alone.

Survivor of trials, her spirit unwavered,

An embodiment of courage for each hurdle braved.

Six losses carried, yet strength never swayed,

Threats were faced, but still, she stayed.

All her savings for her kids, she bared,

Proof of love, none can be compared.

Reflecting on harsh words received and returned,

A lesson from life, harshly learned.

She seeks no vengeance, wishes no ill,

Only yearns for peace, for everything to be still.

In the echoes of conflict, she makes a plea,

"Can't we all just let each other be?

You have your perception, rigid and firm,

But don't let that be the final term.

Before you judge, before you label,

Come, sit, join me at the table.

Get to know me, hear my tale,

Before the verdict, let fairness prevail."

She is a warrior of wounds and scars,

Yet dreams of love, reaching for the stars.

Strong in her fragility, bold in her fight,

A beacon of resilience, shining bright.

Though life has been rough, through the toil and the strife,

She holds on to hope and cherishes life.

In the ashes of conflict, she takes a stand,

Wishing for peace in this troubled land.

"Love to all," she says with a sigh,

"May we find our wings and learn to fly.

This is my plea, my prayer, my song,

In love and understanding, we all belong."

And so, she steps back, seeking solace and quiet,

A warrior-poet, ceasing the fight.

In this world of chaos, she finds her way,

Brave, resilient, come what may.

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