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Life What We Plan; What We Get To Live


Joseph Campbell writes:

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

Every night we go to sleep with plans, hopes, dreams, to do lists, for the next day, week, month and so on. Yet, we hardly remember there is no guarantee that you will wake up the next day.

Every day is a gift. Every moment is a gift. I had forgotten this for a while. And life reminded me with a big bang of the explosion. I kicked, screamed, cried, cursed, refused, begged, did everything you can possibly think. Nothing changed. It is the nature of such things. And it is how it should be.

We think and feel we have control over everything that happens in this universe. I wonder what the truth is.

I promise to write a long version of this story. But for today, I am on baby steps. I am also embarking a journey of hope, healing and finding my ground.

As following Mr. Campbell's advice I am letting go of the life I made plans for and making room for the life that is waiting for me. This is not easy for me. Wanting to control what happens in life is the worst habit of mine. Maybe it is time I learn to embrace, accept that it is going to suck for a while, it is going to hurt for a while, and it is okay.

Today, I give myself and you these words for the day.

'One step at a time! You got this. You might slip and fall. That is okay. I promise you, you will get up and going."

May we all have peace and strength.




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