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Heartbreak And Healing

It has been a while since I have written anything. But today seems to be the perfectly imperfect day to begin again.

In the depths of my sorrow, I found my strength,

Through shattered dreams and a heart that rent,

But in the echoes of pain, love still remained,

A flickering flame, not easily contained.

Though you betrayed me, and tears I shed,

I try to rise above the hurt, where healing threads,

For in forgiveness, a balm to my soul,

I release the bitterness; I let it go.

Once, we danced in a love so pure,

A tapestry woven, our hearts secure,

But storms emerged, casting shadows wide,

And temptation beckoned, love set aside.

Oh, how my heart bled, my spirit torn,

Yet, here I stand, no longer forlorn,

For I've learned to love myself anew,

Embracing resilience, emerging true.

In your absence, I found a stronger me,

A love that's rooted, forever free,

The wounds are starting to heal, though scars remain,

They're a testament to my heart's refrain.

Now, I pen this final verse, my dear,

With grace and gratitude, I stand clear,

I release you from the pain we shared,

In love's eternal essence, I will be repaired.

Farewell, my love; To you, I bid adieu,

May your path find light, your heart be true,

I'll cherish the lessons, the growth I've gained,

And in the arms of my love for life, I'll rise unchained.

For love endures, transcending the past,

A symphony playing, its melody cast,

I'll seek a new dawn, a love yet unknown,

With a renewed heart, I'm ready to be shown.

So, thank you, my love, for the trials we faced,

For through the darkness, my spirit embraced,

In this collection of words, I bid farewell,

To the shattered dreams, where new ones swell.



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