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Buddha's Ex-Wife And I Have Something In Common

Buddha's wife, ex-wife and I have something in common. We both got dumped for in the name of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

I quit!

I am done with spiritual crazies, personal growth experts, know it all about alternative health, eternally positive attitude ones, anyone who takes self-care and self-love to a level where only "I" exists. I believe in self-care. You got to keep your cup full.

It may sound weird coming from me because I want to help people like me. But, let me just say this first.

I am an expert in no area.

I struggle.

That is my specialty.

I keep things real.

I like being realistically positive.

I do not chase happiness.

I embrace what life gives, even if it is being dumped in the name of spirituality.

Right now I am struggling to stand up and take baby steps. Since I believe real people are more in this world than the better than the rest of us people, I will keep things real.

If you do read anything I write, all you get is a bunch of reality-based stories and maybe a tidbit of hope. What you take away from it, what you do with it is up to you.

If I sound bitter, sad, frustrated, betrayed? Because I am. And I have every right to be.

It is not a one-post story. I will write as I walk the path of healing.

Right now, I gotta run. I have enrolled myself in a dance class. Let's see if that speeds up the healing. I do not like being curled on the floor sobbing much.

Luv to all of my people out there!

The ring i wore as his wife. Turns out, it was just a mockery of something I hold so precious to my heart.



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