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Anchor Words: The Power Of Ordinary Actions

Anchor Words. They are one or many words I write on my hand. The story behind it, well keep on reading!

God, Faith, Love, Hope.

Those are my anchor words for today.

I started writing a word or two or more in my left-hand beginning of 2017.

Life was pretty hard at that time.

I was alone and questioning the truth of family and friends.

I was questioning the reality of everyday life.

I had become a social outcast in 2016 October.

We all get pushed into situations where we must fight our way out.

I used what I always held dear to my heart as a crutch, help to stand up.

There was no knight in shining armor coming. I had to learn that the hard way too.

I must put on a flaky armor that may not be qualified to be called an armor, and I went into the arena.

The pen is always my weapon of choice.

Literally and figuratively. (On paper or on A computer screen)

I started writing in public.

Backlash, comments, critique, followed.

A dear friend of mine once told me that when it comes to writing or any art, everyone is a critique: Go with your heart.

I needed something to ground me, connect me to a faith I have.

A physical reminder that I am not alone.

Why I am in this fight.

I started writing on my hand. I would pick a word that would stand out for me in the morning. And I started calling them anchor words.

They became anchors for me.

I have stopped writing them since this past February. Life took a gruesome turn. I let go of a lot of things. Slowly slipped into oblivion.

Darkness consumed me when the following happened.

He took my children.

That was the fall.

It took me months to start to pull myself back up.

As I sit here and write this, I am on day 2. It is not easy, or I expect it to be. I am determined, though. To pull me up, keep me up, and start walking.

If you can identify with a fall like this, I pray you to gather strength to start pulling yourself up. We can do this.

Love to all of you.



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