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It Is One Of Those Days

It is one of those days for me today.

You know... The one where nothing goes right, and you have no idea what the hell is happening.

My day started with getting up late. Then it was, no, I do not have words to describe how it went from there.

Part of the day ended with tears hidden behind my glasses. But I was looking forward to talking/venting it out.

I have no idea when anyone says gut instinct, whether it is your actual gut or something else. I felt odd for a few days. Then again, I am not very sure as there is a gazillion thing that I am trying to solve at once.

So, Universe,

What is it?

What am I doing wrong?

What did I do wrong to be thrown into this dark pit that I can not seem to climb back from?

You put me here. I am done with analysis and solutions. Now it's your turn.

Tell me, what do you want me to do?

A sign, a miracle, an angel, anything?

Could you least let me know in which act of the drama I am in?

It seems like I am clueless.

Could I request you for a cease-fire?

You are watching; you can see that I am pretty much broken down to the ground. Could you please help?

Your daughter

No idea if it will go anywhere. Makes me feel better writing it.

I am amazed, every day, humans, us, are capable of doing. I wish I could cry. Cleanse my soul a bit. But even that is escaping me today.

All I am left with is this intense pressure inside my chest.

I lost the bench under tree. Actually, I learned the bench under the tree was never real.

Life will never be same as trust is broken. And yet, I hope tomorrow life will be a little bit kinder to me.

As I go to bed, I pray... Please, tomorrow be a better day.

I wish you who had one fo those days the same — a better tomorrow.



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